I broke ground for the foundation, check it out. Gotta start somewhere.

I have a really old and very tired International 3414 gas backhoe. Its age is unknown. I’ve kept it running throughout the years primarily so I don’t need to hire people to do simple tasks around the house like digging up a tree, or bush, or digging my entire foundation. I actually had these huge concrete landscaping blocks that were forming a long very nice looking retaining wall, that needed to be moved out of the way first and then I could start digging. Not much to report there, just move all the dirt where the foundation goes out of the way. In other parts of the country I’m sure you have to dig down to a certain depth and so you should keep track of how far down you are, but where I live it’s all ledge (bedrock) so I need to dig until I can dig no more. Once I went as far as I could with the backhoe I had to finish with the shovel. Clean it up with a rake, and plan where to step my footings. Check out the unique mono pour foundation I did in the next video.

Digging for a mono pour concrete foundation – House Addition Build

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