Build Weekend #2

This was a weekend without the kids and some pretty decent weather scheduled, and I was ready to GO! The whole weekend is documented pretty well in the videos.  But the short version is I got all three walls of the second floor standing in place.

July 29, 2011

I went to get the lumber for the posts. Hemlock 4×8’s. Freshly cut that day. They weigh easily 250 pounds each. The guy at Cote and Reney lumber in Grantham, NH loaded them with a very tired bucket loader, onto my 20 foot deck over trailer.  I should mention this is yet another reason why I bought this trailer.

July 30, 2011

This day I started building the second floor!  Very exciting. Saturday morning was wet due to rain the night before, and I would have gummed up my chalk line if I’d tried to use it, so I just started nailing down the plates and marking the lines.  Check this article out for a very simple, candid, “how to frame a wall” post.

Second Floor Build
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