So the bedrooms are going to have wood floors, specifically nail down wood floors. Therefore concrete is not an option as I can’t nail into it. So the method I choose was to lay out sleepers to support the floor and set the pipes in between with clips into the styrofoam, and then pack sand on top of it.

First I set the sleepers around the outside perimeter.

I then laid the sleepers down and nailed them to the styrofoam.  (this did NOT work, fyi check a later post)

Here I was laying out where they would go, and where the pipes would go.


I have marked the supply and return sides in different colors, which at some point roughly half way the pipe switched over from being supply to return, they are not separate pipes.


I started at the heat source and ran the pipe from there to this part of the basement and just unrolled it down the lanes.  Which I will say, don’t try to man handle 300ft of pex, it’s more work than it’s worth.



I found that half way through rolling it out I needed to be securing it while laying it down other wise it was just a tangled mess of pipe.  Luckily I had an lovely assistant to tack it down every 6 feet or so behind me as I un rolled the pipe.  (not that’s not her in the picture, that’s me)



These shots have the tacks (staples) every 8-10 inches, because…why not?  i found that it would be better to spend a little more on staples then to have to fight with the pipes popping up out of the sand.  Worth it, use em up!






Sleepers on Styrofoam – Thermal mass radiant floor
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