Getting +5hp with this leak, watch me drifting up and down my driveway…

No but seriously.  Don’t be afraid of this repair it couldn’t be easier.  The resonator pipe, which connects the front catalytic converter pipe and the muffler as the usual rusty rot hole at the connection to the muffler.  It always seems like a shame to take off the whole pipe and replace it when it’s just such a small section, but welding some sort of pipe on the end probably wouldn’t last very long.

This is an easy service to do.

  1. Get some lubricant on the bolts and on the rubber hangar (makes it easier to slide off)
  2. Remove the 2 bolts in the rear and the 2 spring bolts in the front, by any means necessary. (I used a sawzall)
  3. Clean the old gasket off the front (I chipped away at it with a screw driver)
  4. Install new front gasket (just slide it on, or tap it on with a block or mallet)
  5. Put the pipe in the hangar
  6. Install front bolts
  7. Install rear gasket with rear bolts

Pipe: Walker 47844
Gasket Front: Walker 31639 Exhaust Pipe Connector Gasket
Gasket Rear: Walker 31388 Exhaust Gasket
Bolt Kit Front: Walker 35129 Exhaust Spring Bolt Kit
Bolts Rear:

2008 Subaru Impreza Resonator Exhaust Leak Fix

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