This video shows you how to change the lock actuator on a 2004-2006 Acura TSX. The same procedure can be used on a 2003-2007 Honda Accord and 2004-2008 Acura TL.

Parts used:
Dorman Lock Actuator (Part# 746-367) – $18

Tools used:
Plastic Door Panel Removers – $16
Small Standard Screw Driver
#1 Phillips Screw Driver
#3 Phillips Screw Driver
10mm wrench or socket

You may also want the door clip retainers in case they cannot be reused after removing the door panel. You can find those on Amazon:

Important Note:
Do not use an impact driver to remove the screws holding the latch assembly to end of door. If you do, you might crease the door like I did. You can see it happen at 4:10 in the video. Use a #3 Phillips Screwdriver instead.

Step by Step Guide:
0:25 – Problem Description
1:28 – Remove Mirror Sail
1:35 – Remove trim behind door latch
1:47 – Remove trim in door handle
1:54 – Remove window switch assembly
2:04 – Roll the window up if you haven’t already
2:32 – Remove screws behind door latch and door handle
2:46 – Remove door panel
2:59 – Remove door latch cable
3:21 – Unplug and remove vanity light
3:30 – Remove orphaned door panel clips
3:44 – Remove plastic plugs and peel back plastic vapor barrier
3:53 – Remove screw holding lock cable support
4:13 – Remove door latch screws using #3 Phillips Screwdriver – DO NOT USE IMPACT DRIVER
5:20 – Disconnect rods holding lock actuator in door
5:30 – Extract lock actuator from door
5:58 – Remove plastic cover from actuator
6:15 – Test the new lock actuator
6:30 – Replace bad actuator with new lock actuator
7:00 – Reinstall plastic cover
7:18 – Reinstall screw holding plastic cover
7:30 – Reinstall lock actuator
7:40 – Reconnect rods
7:50 – Reinstall door lock
8:02 – Reinstall 10mm window guide bolt
8:05 – Test that window still works
8:45 – Reinstall plastic vapor barrier
9:00 – Reinstall door panel clips
9:13 – Reconnect door latch cable
9:27 – Reinstall window switch assembly
9:37 – Reinstall door panel
10:06 – SUCCESS!

How to replace 2005 Acura TSX lock actuator
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3 thoughts on “How to replace 2005 Acura TSX lock actuator

  • March 28, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    So glad I found this video to fix my 2005 Honda Accord. My boyfriend tried twice this past weekend for many hours to replace the actuator but he didn’t have something just right, so it wouldn’t lock the driver’s door, even though the lock was in locked down position. Even as it looked locked, you could still pull the outside handle and it would always open. So frustrated, until I spent all day today trying to find a schematic or anything of pictures to lead us to correct it, then I stumbled across this in YouTube! You even have the step-by-step that I printed out for him to use. So Great!!! Thanks so much again!! I will feel better to secure my car again! PS: I really surprised by boyfriend that I found how to correct this problem, by video and step by step…LOL! Perseverance wins and it pays to not give up, as he did. He was shocked! I am so grateful to you!

  • May 25, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Thank you so much, instructions were (almost) perfect. Only thing that I think wasn’t specifically mentioned was removing the 10mm window guide bolt before trying to remove the door latch

  • March 17, 2015 at 8:43 am

    next time speed through your talking about it..and slow down showing the actual work….I have mine about half finished and the cable end broke on the inside handle…


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