• Step 1. Get Backhoe
  • Step 2. Fill it up with Gas
  • Step 3. Fill it full with hydraulic fluid
  • Step 4. Try to get it to run right
  • Step 5. Find cleared spot of land
  • Step 6. Dig dirt with backhoe
  • Step 7. Put dirt in your way
  • Step 8. Move same dirt again out of your way
  • Step 9. Fill it full of gas
  • Step 10. Dig stumps
  • Step 11. See step 10
  • Step 12. Fill it full of gas again
  • Step 13. Take off carb and “adjust it”
  • Step 14. Dig like the dickens for 1 hour
  • Step 15. Fill it full of hydraulic fluid again
  • Step 16. Remove more dirt.
  • Step 17. Put dirt in your way
  • Step 18. Remove said dirt again
  • Step 19. Take of carb again, and “adjust” back in the other direction
  • Step 20. Dig more dirt
  • Step 21. Fill full of gas
  • Step 22. Break all 6 bolts on a hydraulic ram larger than my head
  • Step 23. Drive around to 7 stores collecting, drills, screw extractors and bolts to repair
  • Step 24. Find out the bolts came out with just my fingers
  • Step 25. Repair ram
  • Step 26. Fill full of hydraulic fluid again.
  • Step 27. Dig more dirt
  • Step 28. Remove Fuel filter to get it to run better
  • Step 29. Enjoy 2 minutes of engine bliss and 8 minutes of barely running
  • Step 30. Remove the carb and clean all the dirt and debris that removing the fuel filter let in.
  • Step 31. Reinstall carb
  • Step 32. Dig remaining dirt out of hole

This is obviously the short version. This was a long a challenging week. I started dabbling during the day and after work, and then as my concrete contractor said he might be ready to go next week, I booked it on one weekend.


Dig the Foundation Hole
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2 thoughts on “Dig the Foundation Hole

  • September 20, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    You sure know how to make that tractor dance.
    Very well done and very entertaining to watch and listen.
    Thank you

    • September 30, 2011 at 12:17 pm

      Thanks so much Paul, Yeah I’ve had a lot of time on that tractor, she’s been invaluable to me. Plan to give her a lot of attention once this garage is complete. Thanks for commenting!


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