I have been running an extension cord to my office (in the garage) from down stairs for months!  NOT COOL.  So today I decided to get to it and run some electricity up there to get the lights working.  

Just to be able to see what I’m doing will help with all other phases of finishing off that space and obviously help me use the space in the mean time.

I installed lighting cans way back many eons ago when I or rather as I was installing insulation.  Then the tongue and groove boards went on, and the cans have just been sitting there waiting to be used.  (I wired the cans together and ran a common wire down to the place I knew I wanted my switch).

So to get started I needed to run a new circuit all the way from the panel because I would be running between 8-10 cans of this one circuit.

The rest as they say, is in the video, check it out!

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Running electricity for lights to the office
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