So after nailing all those sleepers down, I found out almost instantly that they were not holding.
 While trying to lay out the tubing if I stepped on one it would come up and move.  I left it alone until after I was done laying out the pipe and then went back and pulled them all up.  I also decided to use 2×4’s ripped down the middle and they didn’t seem substantial enough.  So I laid out new 2×4’s and went through the process to secure them

  • Drill small hole – concrete bit
  • Drill a counter sink hole in 2×4 to eliminate head of screw poking up
  • Screw the 4″ screw down through the 2×4 and 2″ of styrofoam
  • Careful not to set the hot drill down on the pex tubing

This worked very well and made the 2×4’s feel very sturdy how I wanted them.


New Sleepers for Sand Thermal Mass Radiant Floor
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